Fostering policy Coherence

  • The network and members supported counties in development of costed multi-sectoral nutrition action plans (CNAPS). The network has supported the development of 23 CNAPS and the launch of 18 CNAPs.
  • Engagement with County governments and legislators to ensure resources for implementation of CNAPS are secured.

Improving Coordination at all levels

  • Engagement with office of the president to elevate coordination of nutrition services to higher office with convening powers for multisectoral actions.
  • Mobilisation of participation of the Council of Governors and County Assembly Forums.
  • Technical support to policy dialogue and coordination meetings at national and county level.

Resource mobilization

  • Five nutrition financing round table discussion held where commitments were made for nutrition financing
  • Supported planning and convening of the national nutrition symposium with mobilisation of commitments from senior government officials.
  • Assessment of nutrition budget allocation, expenditure tracking and analysis.

Advocacy at National and County level

  • Signed MoU to facilitate engagement of 45 County First Ladies in nutrition advocacy.
  • Engagement with Women Parliamentarians on going, in the process of creating Parliamentary Nutrition Caucus.
  • Identified nutrition focal persons in national assembly and senate.

Media engagement for information sharing

  • Identified over 80 journalists sensitized to increase accuracy on nutrition reporting.
  • Established partnership with Health TV Africa to facilitate engagement of 67 media stations on nutrition reporting.
  • Development, translation and dissemination of nutrition messages to 10 different languages.
  • Development of nutrition radio and TV spots on going.