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Thursday 18 August 2022
Regionalization of Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Secretariat

SUN CSA was privileged to host Marcy Vigoda - SMS director, Sonia Ancellin -Panzani- SMS Head of country actions and Tendai G.- SMS Regional representative and moderated discussions on regionalization of Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Secretariat (SMS)

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Kenya’s SUN Civil Society Alliance (SUN CSA) was set up in October 2013 to ‘Mobilize Civil Societies to Champion Scaling up Nutrition in Kenya. The SUN CSA is registered as a local NGO. This registration as a legal entity in Kenya gives the network the authority and mandate to influence improved nutrition through strategic advocacy, policy engagement and coordination of network members.


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The network was officially launched on the first SUN Global Day of Action on 9th May 2014. The Civil society makes a unique contribution to the Scaling up nutrition by:

  • Advocating – through social mobilization, advocacy and campaigning – to raise awareness of the impact of malnutrition and
    encouraging governments make fighting it a priority; The network primarily undertakes capacity building of civil society organizations and other stakeholders to scale up nutrition advocacy at national and county level.
  • Implementing – through programming we are reaching affected communities and delivering multi-sectoral interventions (nutrition-sensitive and specific interventions);
  • Monitoring – from a local to a global level we are tracking progress, by monitoring nutrition expenditure, collecting data to ensure no one is left behind and holding governments accountable for their promises.



Validation of mapping report of CSOs implementing Nutrition in Mombasa County.

The mapping tool once validated will provide information on WHO is doing WHAT WHERE

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Establish SUN CSA chapter in Mombasa and Makueni County.

Establishing the new SUN CSA chapters in Mombasa and Makueni will provide us with the platform to bring civil societies into the same place for action

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Strategic meeting to identify advocacy priority areas for engaging with political and policy leaders at National level.

This will be a one-day session with SUN network members drawn from Academia, Business, Donor, UN, Government and Civil Society

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